We help you make a larger impact.

We see a world where businesses and individuals will not be determined by the summation of their wealth or the size of their organization, but by their actions, accountability & transparency and the quality of their product and community. The consumer landscape is already changing, and businesses must evolve or be left behind. Our clients understand this. We understand this.

Our Quest

It’s simple. We want to work with clients that are thinking responsibly, sustainably and are shaking things up in their industry. We want to work for not-for-profits and organizations that are connecting communities and sharing great ideas. And we want to work with some valued aligned small to medium sized local Sunshine Coast & Vancouver businesses that are trying to up their digital marketing game.

Our Philosophy

We try our best to live by and make decisions on these principles. As business owners and active members of our community, we recognize our responsibility to share great ideas and knowledge with our friends, family, and followers.

Our Industry

Unfortunately, using the Internet is not carbon neutral. A typical Google search emits an estimated 0.2g of CO2 into the atmosphere – or 260,000kg per month- while massive data centers are cooled in industrial factories, serving the content that makes up our online world. The IT industry may even be on par with the airline industry, with each contributing about 2% of global CO2 emissions.

We firmly believe that it is the responsibility of each and every company to take action and minimize the environmental impact of their company and industry.

How we reduce our Environmental Impact

As a digital agency, we spend a considerable amount of time working with computers. (Sometimes more time than we spend sleeping!) To help reduce our carbon footprint, we work exclusively on computers which meet the EPA’s ENERGY STAR qualification for low power consumption.

Our website is powered entirely by wind energy by a factor of 3x! This means that twice the amount of energy used to host this site is sent back to the grid. We encourage all of our clients to “go green” by switching to an environmentally sustainable hosting solution.

Our company is 99% paperless, using virtual tools to collaborate, plan projects, deliver proposals, sign documents, and present invoices.

We use low- or no-emission methods of transportation, and we bring home-cooked meals to work, reducing the amount of times we eat out and use paper, plastic, and Styrofoam containers.

For more information on the environmental impact of the Internet, please see “Is the Internet Hurting our Environment?” (infographic) and “Greening the Internet: How much CO2 does this article produce?“.

Ready to get started?

Show the world how it’s done – do business with people and the planet in mind. Need a hand? We are here to help, and we love helping heroes (if you don’t think you are, we think you probably have the potential)!