Empowering Growth: Blue Lotus Creative’s Impact on Mindful Therapies’ $15,000 CDAP Grant

At Blue Lotus Creative, we believe in turning opportunities into remarkable transformations. One such success story unfolds with our valued client, Mindful Therapies, who, armed with a $15,000 Canada Digital Adoptions Plan (CDAP) grant, embarked on a journey toward digital expansion and business growth. Mindful Therapies, a beacon in the mental health sector with a […]

Demystifying mobile: 3 important facts

One of the first things I would like to demystify with this article is the difference between a mobile responsive website and a mobile application or “app”. A responsive website delivers a custom tailored version of your existing website optimized for the device you are viewing it on, but primarily for mobile devices. A mobile […]

3 Steps to automating your business

There are a wide variety of systems that exist either online or as software to help you organize and manage your contacts, projects, content, time & a lot more. The real question to ask yourself is; How can I use this existing technology to make my business run easier and more efficiently? Step 1: Assess […]

5 tips to getting better Email Marketing Results

You’d be surprised how a few minor changes can really optimize the email open and click-through rate to your website. In this article we will provide some quick tips on maximizing the effect of your email marketing campaigns. 1) The importance of a good Headline The subject line of your email campaign is extremely important […]