Case Study: Website Support & Enhancing Security at Deer Crossing the Art Farm

Ensuring Website & Organizational Security and Technical Support for Deer Crossing the Art Farm on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

INDUSTRY: Non-profit Arts

LOCATION: Sunshine Coast, B.C.

Ensuring Website & Organizational Security and Technical Support for Deer Crossing the Art Farm on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

Deer Crossing the Art Farm is a non-profit community-engaged arts organization with a rich history of promoting creativity, land stewardship, and community connection. With over 14 years of operations, the organization has built a dynamic and inclusive community. However, like many non-profits, they were facing unique challenges when it came to digital security.

The Challenge:

Their new website was in need of technical solutions as it evolved, and a deeper look into their technical and digital tools was in need of review.

Deer Crossing the Art Farm has been operating for over 14 years and needed to update their website, while ensuring their digital tools and solutions were up to date and effective. They were also uncertain about potential security risks they might be facing in the digital age.

Our Solution: Empowering Employees and Identifying Vulnerabilities

Understanding the critical importance of comprehensive and effective digital tools & security, our team at Blue Lotus Creative stepped in to assist Deer Crossing the Art Farm with training, technical guidance, digital technology assessments and much more.

We worked with their existing marketing and technical team to upgrade their website, while providing ongoing technical support and training. We also recently completed an extensive digital technologies assessment and proposed multi-faceted solutions to empower their employees, protect their digital assets, while identifying potential vulnerabilities:

1. In-Person Training and Information Gathering Sessions: Our journey began with in-person password management training sessions for the organization’s staff, and some extensive information gathering sessions.

2. Comprehensive Digital Security Audit: We conducted a thorough digital security audit to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. This audit encompassed their digital infrastructure, network, data, and personnel practices.

3. Planned Follow-ups: Our commitment to Deer Crossing the Art Farm extended does well beyond the initial audit. We will be conducting several follow-up sessions to address questions and concerns, providing guidance and support as they work toward enhanced security.

4. Implementation and Training: To bolster their password management, we introduced 1Password as a user-friendly tool to simplify the staff’s lives. We also provided extensive training to their IT lead to ensure seamless integration within the organization.

Next Steps

Implementation of Recommendations: Following the audit,we will be assisting the Deer Crossing the Art Farm team to implement several of our suggestions. Their proactive approach to these assessments demonstrated their dedication to enhancing their digital security, and technologies to support their mission more effectively in the digital age.

Ongoing Support and Resolutions: We will be working closely with Deer Crossing the Art Farm to continue to bolster their technological capabilities and security. Our collaborative partnership approach ensures that potential vulnerabilities are addressed effectively.

Future Plans: The journey toward enhanced security continues, with plans for further implementation and improvement. While we’ve made significant progress, our ongoing collaboration with Deer Crossing the Art Farm is focused on building a resilient and secure digital infrastructure.

30 %
Decrease in Security Risk

After our security audit, we were able to identify key areas that needed optimized and increased security.

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