Case Study: College and Association of Nurses of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Revamping CANNN’s Website for Improved Performance , Usability and Speed.

INDUSTRY: Professional Regulatory Body

LOCATION: Yellowknife, NT


Revamping CANNN's Website for Improved Performance , Usability and Speed.

A regulatory board overseeing nurses in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, faced challenges with an outdated website that failed to align with their organizational objectives and lacked user-friendliness. Recognizing the importance of a modern online presence to effectively serve their members and stakeholders, they turned to us for assistance. Our task was to redesign and optimize their website with the goals of enhancing user experience, boosting conversions, and ensuring robust website security.

At Blue Lotus Creative, we take pride in our commitment to supporting regulatory boards in optimizing their operations and enhancing their online presence. Facing the intricate challenges of regulatory modernization and the need for a more streamlined online platform, CANNN sought our expertise to revamp their organizational structure and improve their website functionality.

Website Functionality and Maintenance

Our collaboration with CANNN encompassed a comprehensive approach to enhancing their online presence and operational efficiency. We initiated by conducting a thorough audit of their website and internal security procedures to pinpoint areas for improvement. Following this assessment, we embarked on a redesign process, revamping the home page and key pages throughout the site to optimize for conversions and streamline user experience. Concurrently, we prioritized optimizing page load times to enhance user satisfaction and drive increased website traffic.

In addition to website redesign and optimization, we provided extensive support to CANNN’s internal team. This included ongoing training and assistance, ensuring staff proficiency in managing the website and implementing vital security updates. Furthermore, our hosting services and continued digital marketing, technical, and IT support further bolstered CANNN’s online capabilities.

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

We began by working closely with CANNN’s leadership team to develop a comprehensive strategic plan, clarifying the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. Through in-depth consultations and assessments, we identified attainable objectives and action steps to propel CANNN towards its desired outcomes. Our team also conducted a thorough organizational development analysis, revealing opportunities for enhancing team member skills and operational potential. This included providing virtual personal and professional development coaching to nurture leadership skills and foster organizational effectiveness.

Regulatory Modernization and Website Optimization:

Recognizing the importance of regulatory modernization and effective online communication, we assisted CANNN in updating their Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and bylaws. We also developed and modernized policies and procedures to align with current industry standards and regulatory requirements. Additionally, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of CANNN’s website, focusing on improving public communications, member access for registration and renewal, and revenue generation activities. By optimizing the website’s functionality, including access to educational events and informational resources, we empowered CANNN to better serve its members and stakeholders while ensuring regulatory compliance and efficiency.

Enhancing Online Presence and Social Media Engagement:

In addition to our comprehensive approach to website functionality and organizational development, Blue Lotus Creative played a pivotal role in bolstering CANNN’s social media presence. We began by crafting a tailored social media strategy, identifying key platforms for engagement and outlining content themes to resonate with CANNN’s audience. Leveraging our expertise, we created new social media accounts and revamped existing ones, ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across all channels. Through diligent content creation and strategic engagement tactics, we successfully increased CANNN’s social media following by 50% in under 6 months. This growth not only expanded CANNN’s reach but also allowed us to amplify educational initiatives for both nurses and the general public, further solidifying CANNN’s position as a trusted resource in the regulatory landscape.

Through strategic planning, organizational development, regulatory modernization, and website optimization, Blue Lotus Creative successfully helped CANNN navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape and enhance their online presence. The optimized website not only led to improved user experience and increased website traffic but also facilitated quicker turnaround times for priority updates. Moreover, our ongoing digital marketing support played a pivotal role in attracting new stakeholders and retaining existing ones, further solidifying CANNN’s position as a leader in the regulatory landscape.

Increase in Goal Completion
2 %

After implementing the recommendations from our website optimizaion audit, the percentage of goal completions went up.

Increase in Security
30 %

We implemented security features on their website, and recommended/implemented a password management system.

Increase in Automation
10 %

We helped strategize and implement automation tools to help the College reduce it’s employee workload.

Increase in Social Media Engagement
10 %

We significantly boosted CANNN’s social media presence, achieving a 50% increase in followers within six months through strategic content creation and engagement.

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