Case Study: BC College of Social Workers

Ensuring Website Security and Technical Support for BCCSW in Vancouver, B.C.

INDUSTRY: Professional Regulatory Body

LOCATION: Vancouver, B.C.


Ensuring Website Security and Technical Support for BCCSW in Vancouver, B.C.

The British Columbia College of Social Workers (BCCSW) had concerns about website security, optimization, and efficiency. They reached out to our team for ongoing IT and digital marketing support to ensure their website remained secure and up-to-date, and they had a team to support them with any technical issues.

Our team has been working with BCCSW for more than two years, providing ongoing website security and optimization, IT and digital marketing support. We ensured that their website was properly secured and up-to-date, supported them with ongoing required security-based updates and content changes, and provided guidance on various aspects of digital marketing, from social media strategy to organizational security. We helped them implement cybersecurity procedures and policies to keep their organizational operations secure and continued to support them with any technical problems that arose.

Thanks to our ongoing work, BCCSW can rest easy knowing that their website is secure, optimized, and efficient. We have optimized their website for page speed, decreasing the average page load time, and have implemented cybersecurity procedures and policies to help keep their organizational operations secure. We continue to provide quick turnarounds on priority website updates, helping to keep vital information accessible and current. Our ongoing technical support has enabled BCCSW to focus on providing quality education services without having to worry about website-related issues.

Overall, BCCSW is pleased with the outcome of our ongoing support. They have a secure and efficient website that is optimized for user experience, and they have a team of experts to step in any technical issues that arise. Thanks to our ongoing support, BCCSW can continue to focus on providing quality education services to their students.

30 %
Decrease in Security Risk

After our security audit, we were able to identify key areas that needed optimized and increased security.

30 %
Reduction in Paper

We helped implement online tools that completely replaced the need for in paper-based licensing applications.

10 %
Increase in Automation

We helped strategize and implement automation tools to help the College reduce its employee workload.

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