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Demystifying mobile: 3 important facts

One of the first things I would like to demystify with this article is the difference between a mobile responsive website and a mobile application or “app”. A responsive website delivers a custom tailored version of your existing website optimized for the device you are viewing it on, but primarily for mobile devices. A mobile application is a separate entity that can be installed on a users phone and needs to be released across individual application networks such as the “Apple App Store” or “Android Apps”.

Depending on the business you are running, experts are saying you should consider the mobile platform that fits your business model best. This article will cover the top 3 reasons for enabling a responsive design on your website. Read more

3 Steps to automating your business

There are a wide variety of systems that exist either online or as software to help you organize and manage your contacts, projects, content, time & a lot more. The real question to ask yourself is; How can I use this existing technology to make my business run easier and more efficiently?

Step 1: Assess your needs as a business.

Think about your reasons for shopping for software. Make a list of challenges that your business faces and separate it into 2 categories; “Need” and “Want”. The Want list should be broad and this is where you should think outside the box, even if it is not possible right now, technology is going to facilitate more and more. Read more

5 tips to getting better Email Marketing Results


You’d be surprised how a few minor changes can really optimize the email open and click-through rate to your website. In this article we will provide some quick tips on maximizing the effect of your email marketing campaigns.

1) The importance of a good Headline

The subject line of your email campaign is extremely important to the success of that campaign as it has to entice the user to actually open the email and receive the message. If the user thinks the email is spam or not important, they may just ignore or delete it. I’m sure most of you know from personal experience that certain subjects in email get immediately ignored. Using the words “Free”, “Specials”, “% OFF” and “Reminder” are some prime examples. Read more

10 Steps to a Conversion friendly website

There are a wide variety of ways to optimize your website for user conversions and we are happy to help guide you through the process. But, you can also do some basic research yourself by reading these 10 steps. If you have any trouble with any of the steps we are always here to help and all you need to do is Contact us!

1) Use a professional and relevant design

A great design that makes effective use of whitespace can make your webpage more attractive and easier to read. The design should be relevant to your industry as this will communicate what you do to your visitor immediately. If you they recognize what you do based just on the look of your site, you have helped capture their attention just a little longer. Read more