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Blue Lotus Creative is an award winning website development + digital marketing agency founded by Vancouver born Gabriel McCay dedicated to helping businesses and brands of all sizes reach their full potential since 2008. Deeply rooted in the values of community, respect and equitable sustainability, we are a one-stop agency that can become a trusted ally in facilitating your growth.

Based on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, we help local and international businesses and not-for-profit organizations reach their goals; from local mom and pop shops and sustainable clothing brands to government regulators and fintech enterprises.

From The Founder / What We Are About

Want to know what we find really exciting? Hearing about companies living up to their values and making a positive impact on the world before counting the dollars in the bank. It's a shift that's long overdue, don't you think? And luckily this shift is already happening…

Ever thought about how people can truly recognize the companies and industries that are out there making a difference, especially in a sea of greenwashing? We believe that the people who care will recognize the companies, people and industries, who are actually helping and making a positive difference in this world. And we believe that the number of people who care is growing fast.

Take Salish Sea Regenerative Farm Society, a Sunshine Coast initiative focused on regenerative agriculture and fighting climate change. When we heard about their plans, we volunteered our services to help create their brand mark and website, while organizing their digital processes. And after being in operations for just over 2 years, they have already made a HUGE impact. Now that’s a success story worth sharing, right?

Now, let’s talk about Blue Lotus Creative’s purpose. We’re not just a bunch of experts; we’re on a mission. Our team is all about using our digital marketing expertise to shine a light on our local Sunshine Coast business community, and those organizations that are changing the game and redefining what it means to be a business. 

But here’s the real kicker – our team is all in. Seriously. Full-time members with us for over 2 years have a stake in the profits. We’re even taking steps towards becoming a fully employee-owned organization. Because we’re not just about talk; we’re about walking the walk.

We’re champions for sustainability, ethical business, and community. And you know what? We believe in our local Sunshine Coast community, working with clients, big or small, to boost their visibility, thrive, and grow. It’s not just good for them; it’s a game-changer for our local economy.

And here’s the scoop on pricing. It’s not just numbers on a page for us. We offer transparent and flexible pricing worldwide and work with clients regardless of budget because, let’s face it, it’s not just about the money. It’s about doing what feels right in the heart. And we’re confident people will see the value we bring.

This isn't just about the future; it's about now. Business can be better, and guess what? So can we all.

Ready to dive in? Let’s chat. Reach out for a free consultation, and let’s light up the path for your incredible organization.

Gabriel McCay
Founder, Blue Lotus Creative

Our Team

The People behind Blue Lotus Creative

Gabriel McCay

Creative Director / Founder / Soul of the Company

Gabriel McCay has been passionate about design & social innovation for the last 15 years. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, he has witnessed the sheer beauty of the west coast wild & natural spaces, spaces that need to be preserved for future generations. He loves hearing about new inspiring ideas and jumps into creative endeavours with unparalleled enthusiasm and is always willing to help those inspiring individuals and organizations find the right fit for their branding, website, or marketing strategies. His experience with all aspects of website development, customer service, communication and client goal realization, along with his passion for his work are huge assets to our clients. In his spare time, he volunteers his time with various community improvement projects, harm reduction organizations & facilitates various community events.

Josh Lepinsky

Operations Manager & Project Manager

Josh started with us this in June 2022, and already he is building up a reputation with an honest and reliable approach pushing the limits to do the best in assisting our community through our core values of transparency, empowerment, innovation and empathy. He consistently leads with heart! His dedication for ethically, socially and environmentally-minded practices help him to create the best options and solutions for our clients. His drive and motivation stem from an internal passion and will not stop until he delivers an above and beyond client experience.

Blue Lotus Creative Team Photos

Stephanie Heins

Operations Manager, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Stephanie Heins is a dynamic professional with over 15 years of expertise in communications, administration, marketing, and team leadership. As a seasoned business owner, she has successfully managed operations, implemented strategic initiatives, and fostered community engagement. With a passion for delivering exceptional service and driving growth, Stephanie excels in financial management, marketing strategy, project planning, and team development. As the Client Relations Manager at Blue Lotus Creative, she specializes in managing regulator client accounts, overseeing our social media department, and internal operations. 

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Amanda Euringer

SEO & Adwords Consultant

Amanda Euringer is an award-winning freelance writer, journalist, web-communications specialist and internet visibility consultant who revels in finding the right words for any occasion. Whether she is digging into in-depth edgy topics, or writing a catchy quip for a web-store, Ms. Euringer sets the tone and finds the story to tell. She specializes in taking the road less traveled, and finding new angles on a broad spectrum of topics both for her articles, and her commercial clients.

Her expertise as a search and visibility consultant (SEO), have helped her online clients achieve triple and quadruple digit success with a variety of content marketing and PPC techniques, and through developing new technical strategies for visibility online along with with various developers. Amanda has written for publications like Macleans, Canadian Art and The Tyee etc…under her own name. As a ghost writer her articles have made their way into Forbes, Wired and Fox News, and many of her blog posts have gone viral with millions of views per year.

Meaghan L. Woodcock

Website Developer

Meaghan grew up in coastal British Columbia, and developed a passion for the ocean and sailing. Having lived aboard a sailboat for many years, including three and a half exploring islands in the Pacific, she returned to the Sunshine Coast with a growing crew. She has worked in many fields expanding her knowledge and interests along the way. She is excited to be working with Gabriel and his refreshingly positive, honest, and transparent work ethic. She loves nature, hikes, swimming, and a myriad of other marine fun.

Mark Roberts

Website & SEO Manager

Mark is a developer at Blue Lotus and has been creating websites since the days of Netscape Navigator and Geocities guestbooks. He is from Vancouver but relocated to the Coast a few years back to be closer to family. While he’s not creating custom WordPress themes, Mark loves to read, meditate, and eat good food. 

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Daniel Joseph Cowart

Chief Strategy Officer

15 years of entrepreneurial and mixed media expertise, combined with a successful track record in sales leadership, Daniel Joseph played a pivotal role in the remarkable success of his first e-commerce venture: a 6 figure grossing digital product. His journey began with an in-depth study of ClickFunnels, competitor email marketing sequences, and product launch strategies, allowing him to uncover valuable patterns, systems, and sales techniques. These insights were then seamlessly integrated into the implementation and project management processes.

Following this initial success, Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish and launch four interconnected brands simultaneously in one year. During this phase, he continued his studies in e-commerce management and delved into the intricacies of business model generation. He also gained firsthand experience in every aspect of a physical product’s lifecycle, from research and development to branding, marketing, production, distribution, and go-to-market strategies, all within a highly competitive and geographically limited niche.

This journey, characterized by its challenging nature, has culminated in Daniel’s current role as a CSO at Blue Lotus Creative. His extensive experience and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in shaping effective strategies for our clients.


John Gasparich

Company Growth & Grant Specialist

John brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to his role as a sales associate and administrative assistant for Blue Lotus. The values that drive John’s life; creativity, innovation, community, service, compassion, and accountability, are the same foundational values that drive Blue Lotus. With a career spanning success in multiple industries, countries, and cultures, John brings a keen awareness of the strength of diversity, and a passion for elevating others who are trying to make the world a better place. John is passionate, solution oriented, and keen to learn more about what makes your business unique, and how to help amplify both your impact and your bottom line. 

Outside of work, you can find John playing music, freediving, hiking and foraging, learning and teaching about nature, reading a book, meditating, or making plans to travel and learn more about the wonderful world we all share.


Nik Muryn

As a fresh face in the digital marketing world, I’ve embarked on my career journey with Blue Lotus Creative, where I serve as a Google My Business (GMB) Administrator, Google Analytics. My responsibilities involve optimizing GMB listings to ensure they capture the essence of our clients’ businesses, making them easily discoverable and engaging on Google. Diving into Google Analytics, I’ve learned to decode the complexities of website traffic and user behavior, transforming raw data into actionable insights that shape our marketing strategies. 

I am passionate about using data-driven approaches to solve marketing challenges, and I’m committed to growing my skills in this dynamic industry. My journey at Blue Lotus Creative is just beginning, and I’m excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in shaping businesses’ digital footprints.


Elizabeth Holmes

Website Developer & Marketing Specialist

Currently living in the Sea to Sky, Elizabeth has spent the last 7 years helping companies build their online presence through websites, email marketing, and distinct branding. Originally from Denver, Colorado, she relocated to British Columbia after spending two weeks in the stunning mountains overlooking Howe Sound. Elizabeth hopes to help more brands on the west coast find functional, innovative solutions to their online needs. When not working, she spends her time with her husband, dog, and cat adventuring in the mountains.


Matt Ton

Website Developer

Matt, an alumnus of BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) in Vancouver, BC, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His versatility as a designer spans across graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. With over a decade of collective experience in these domains, Matt is a seasoned professional ready to tackle diverse challenges.

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Chlöe Langmaid

Designer & Photographer

Chloe Langmaid is a mother, a photographer, a visual artist and poet. She loves using her media arts skills to elevate value aligned business, artists, and organizations. Chloe has developed her skills over 10 years, participating in numerous multimedia installations, collaborative events, and creative projects while working in the industry. She supports her clients by providing high quality imagery, digital and mixed media graphic design and short films. Chloe is endlessly grateful to have found an avenue for exploring her creativity that also provides for her family.

If she had one super power it would be to be in multiple places at once and never have to miss out on anything. Until then she’ll continue to improve the work – life – parenthood balance and occasionally disappear into the west coast wilderness.

Alessandra Salituri

Brand + Marketing Strategist

Alessandra Salituri is a marketing consultant that brings over 15 years of experience in brand strategy, art direction and social media. She has created and led comprehensive marketing strategies for brands and multi-nationals across North America, including McKinsey & Company, Desjardins, Acquia and Marc Cain. Her focus on aligning clients’ brand images with their brand voices has led her to deliver speeches across Canada on the power of public relations and effective marketing. Alessandra is also an entrepreneur and founder of her own online art gallery start-up that has been named one of the top galleries worldwide by Vogue, ElleDecor and others. She was recently named one of the most innovative women to have graduated from her alma mater, McGill University.

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