5 tips to getting better Email Marketing Results


You’d be surprised how a few minor changes can really optimize the email open and click-through rate to your website. In this article we will provide some quick tips on maximizing the effect of your email marketing campaigns.

1) The importance of a good Headline

The subject line of your email campaign is extremely important to the success of that campaign as it has to entice the user to actually open the email and receive the message. If the user thinks the email is spam or not important, they may just ignore or delete it. I’m sure most of you know from personal experience that certain subjects in email get immediately ignored. Using the words “Free”, “Specials”, “% OFF” and “Reminder” are some prime examples.

If you don’t pay attention to your subject line, you are killing your email campaign before it even gets sent. Try and think about your email from an outside perspective, what headline would get your attention? Perhaps the standard “Monthly Newsletter” might not be cutting it. Let’s say you were running a monthly newsletter, how about using something more descriptive of the contents of the email, but short and simple.

The subject line is such an integral part of your email campaign, so I would recommend reading some more quick tips from MailChimp about headlines.

2) Call to Action

Besides offering your valuable information, what is your goal? What do you want their next step to be? Would you like them to come to an event, buy a product, visit your blog? Provide a clear call to action above the fold (near the top) and provide multiple links throughout your email.

Make sure your links look like links, tell people to click on the links within your text and don’t trap all your links around images. Sometimes a large text link placed correctly can be super effective.

3) Be Different

Think about all the emails you receive. What is the standard amongst them? How can you differentiate yourself? Consider what you can offer that is unique to your prospect and what they may be looking for from you.

Most of all, always be creative with your copy, your design, and especially the tone of the email. This will help to separate your email from the flood of other emails potentially competing for your prospects attention.

4) Think about the timing

Personally, I don’t think there is a set rule for when the best time is to send out your email, although there is heated debates all over the internet. My suggestion is to consider the content you are sending and when your prospects might enjoy reading it. Is it work related? Perhaps sending it right at the start of the work day would be appropriate. Is it leisure reading? Maybe they would like to read it with their Saturday morning coffee.

Before you send your email, just take a second to think about the timing.

5) Measure Results

It’s always important to measure results after each campaign, especially if you experiment with the tips above. Improving opens and click-through is often a result of trying various tactics and slightly adjusting elements until you find what works for your targeted group. Tracking your results helps get you close to success.

We hope you have enjoyed this information and have found it useful. If you are looking for any help setting or or optimizing your email marketing you contact us anytime.

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